How we arrived to this product idea

•November 5, 2009 • Leave a Comment

We start this blog to share the news on the development of ThickButtons product. We hope that people will share their thoughts on our product by making their comments to the blog posts here.

It’s worth to briefly explain how and why this product was born, and what are our hopes related to it. The inspiration came from Swype demo on Techcrunch 2008. What inspired us was not the solution, but rather the problem it was trying to solve.

The genius Steve has put his bet on the fingers-based user interface getting rid of stylus, and blown up the segment of touchscreen smartphones. The other producers that already had their products on the market has started to copy what Steve did. And what was the first they copied with all these patches such as  TouchFLO, TouchWIZ,? Finger interface.

However, this patches haven’t resolved the second part of the problem that Steve couldn’t resolve either. Regular QWERTY keyboard does not perform on touchscreens due to compact size of screens, in fact limited by the size of pockets. IPhone partially avoided this problem by having significantly bigger screen. However, its competitors have smaller screens, so people should pull their styluses every time the need to type text.

The future is simple: either smartphones become large enough to make it convenient to type, or  there should be a totally new idea allowing to conveniently type on the small screen.

And while producers started increasing the size of their new products, we decided to brainstorm on the second solution hoping that if we find the solution, our technology will enable the compact touchscreen devices segment, where by the way, the majority of IPhone competitors fall today.

It was obvious for us, that our solution will fly only if people will be able to type with their fingers without making lots of mistakes. Also, people hate to learn, so it should be a very familiar way to type.

Looking at existing solutions such as T9, SureType it became apparent that strong dependency on dictionary is not a good idea,. We believe, this is the reason why everybody doesn’t use T9 with large buttons on touchscreen smartphones instead of QWERTY.

I think we’ve found the solution. Even current imperfect prototype doesn’t require to learn how to type, so that even my father can type with his chunky fingers without stylus on my Touch Diamond. And even if he misspells a word and prediction doesn’t help – it’s still easy to type.

Interested?.. We will upload the prototype to our website the next week.